National Fly-In at the Finger Lakes Aerosport Park, Macedon, NY Aug 30 - Sep 5, 2004
Mark Herman, Deane and Donna Williams, Bob Sagherian, Tim Locke, Rick and Bridget Tenan, Larry Graves, Mike and Debbie Onorato, Tom and Jackie Nejame and Pete and Lynn Pfieffer made the trip and were rewarded by nice sunny weather every day.

Aerial view of the flight park and the corn maze across the street.

Rhett tows another pilot into a gaggle

F.L.A.P.looking North. The field is a gentle hill sloping northward.

Davis Straub thermalling his new ATOS VX, a 46 foot span monster, on an XC flight.

JJ LaMarche at cloudbase in his ATOS. Base was from 3000 to 4000 AGL.

Lake Ontario is only 10 miles to the north and creates lake breeze convergence in these clouds.

Mark Herman climbing on his way to fly to the "beach". The beach turned out to be rocky and cool.

Tom Nejame thermalling in his Exxtacy.

Picture by bob

Picture by bob

Most of the central Connecticut gang was there.