Wire your own helmet into your radio with this diagram:

For most radios


For Yaesu radios

Modify your radio to operate on USHGA bands (151.625 MHz, 151.955 MHz or 151.925 MHz.)
The CHGA Amateur Radio List

Connecticut hang gliding pilots were some of the first in the nation to realize the value of amateur radio in cross country hang gliding. See the article in the June 1992 issue of QST magazine. Soon after the advent of the codeless license nearly 100% of the active pilots in the CHGA obtained their licenses! Following is a list of pilots, support persons and their call letters:

Mark Herman - N1SBJ Wayne Ripley - N1OTV
Larry Graves - N1KJA Kevin Gurskis - N1JPH
Kevin Gurskis - N1JPH Bob Sagherian - N1JPG
Tim Locke - N1RXO Rick Tenan - N1TMA
Tom Nejame- N1RXP Deane Williams - N1CEM

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