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Fireworks make a wedding very special!

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We specialize in affordable, unique and customized productions. Your show is individually tailored to fit your event.


We can coordinate the fireworks to fit the mood and beat of the music! The result is an experience that the audience won't forget.

Small budget? Small area? No Problem !

We enjoy affordable shows and know all the special techniques to make your show MORE IMPRESSIVE than many large shows. You will find our prices are very reasonable:
Just $4500 for your own spectacular ten minute fireworks display! If that doesn't quite fit your budget reduced length displays are now available. Six minutes of solid, spectacular fireworks for only $3900.

You want Fireworks for your event but don't know how to go about it?

Click HERE for a simple step-by-step procedure on what you should do.

Click the Video below to see one of our typical wedding or party displays.

Click the 2nd box in on the right to watch it in full screen mode and turn up the volume for best effect.

    Read what our clients said about their wedding display:

    "We have no words. I found
    the words so I can put
    them here, but it took 2 days
    to find them.
    It was... epic. It was beautiful.
    We have people still sending us
    photos and videos of it.
    It was a hit. The way
    you timed the fireworks to the
    music made us and everyone around
    us feel as if we were
    in Disney World. It was PERFECT!
    100X Thank you."
    Love,C & M

    "The fireworks were amazing!
    Definitely the talk of the wedding.
    People were very impressed that the
    music went along with the show!
    When we first thought about doing
    fireworks we looked around and we
    didn't think we were going to
    be able to afford it. Your
    show was not only affordable but
    it looked like it cost a
    lot more! Some family friends said
    to my brother "well, there goes
    your new Toyota Camry" (which is
    at least $20,000). Ha ha, of
    course we let them think what
    they wanted."
    "Thank you, thank you, thank you
    for an amazing fireworks display last
    night at our wedding !
    There were so many
    compliments and comments made how great
    they were; in fact many stated
    that they thought those were better
    than most town’s fireworks. You helped
    make our night very special
    and very memorable."

    "Everyone loved the fireworks!! You guys did
    an amazing job. Our guests were really
    impressed, they had no idea. It was totally
    worth it....thank you for making our
    big day extra special. Most of our guests
    were from [a town in CT] and they
    were saying how they were better than
    the [town] fireworks....haha!! Everything was just perfect
    ...even the music was in sync with
    the fireworks. I couldn't have asked for
    a more perfect day."

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